Sugaring Sugaring….that’s the way

Stay hair free for longer…..YAY YAY YAY 🙂

Tanya, what can I say. Well firstly, I am so glad I met you for lots of reasons 🙂

Having been waxing for the last 25 years, I honestly thought it was the best method of hair removal for my very stubborn growth. Then there you were, waving a ball of hot sugar at me and saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet”

You were right, you said I would not be disappointed and I am not. I am ecstatic. It was actually a lot less painful than waxing, almost relaxing, I think I actually nodded off the first time. The results were soft smooth hairfree legs that lasted and lasted and lasted. When the hair finally grew back it was softer and sparser and in some places barely there. It’s incredible!

And now, I just had my first sugaring experience at the beautiful Dollhouse Spa and I LOVE it!! Very relaxing, very vintage chic and I felt pampered. Thanks Tanya. You are the Sugaring Queen of Okotoks 🙂

Shalini XXX