No more mascara! Long and beautiful lashes!

What is all the craze with Lash extensions?
They are time savingly stunning, and can look like your own natural lashes! What ARE lash extensions??
Lash extensions can be used on almost anyone who is wanting thicker and longer eyelashes! They are applied one extension at a time, each one applied to one of your own natural lashes. The procedure takes anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours to complete depending on how many natural eyelashes you have! Your natural lashes have about a 100 day lifespan and these lash extensions will begin to shed with your own natural lashes. As they shed, you will notice places with no extensions showing, only your natural lashes and that is when you come in for a touchup. This is usually after about 3 weeks and takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour to preform. You can continue to touch up your lash extensions for about 6 months before I recommend taking a little break for a month, allow me to remove them and then start over with a new full set of lashes.
I have been doing lash extensions for about 2.5 years and was using the brand name 3D Lash. I have recently switched brands and have started using Babe lash extensions! Both brands are very comparable however there are some differences! I have found that Babe has a thinner and less clumpy adhesive then 3D Lash. Both hold very well but I notice that the Babe brand of adhesive doesn’t cause your eyes to water as much as the 3D Lash adhesive when they are being applied. I also really like that the Babe brand has what is called a C curl extension which makes the lashes curly and will work very well on people who have straight lashes. I have actually completely switched to these and use them on everyone because who doesn’t want curly lashes? The other really awesome thing about Babe extensions is that you can get colored ones (red, blue, purple etc.)! I don’t have them right now, but I would totally be willing to try them out, especially for a special event, like a Christmas Party or something!
Now for the nitty gritty of caring for your new lash extensions!
The biggest killer of lash extensions is HEAT! This means you have to be really careful when you are doing things like blow drying your hair, opening the oven door or dishwasher, and even really hot showers. When your lashes are exposed to this kind of heat the adhesive will soften and your lashes will clump together, shortening their lifespan. I always advise using your blowdryer on a cool setting or covering your lashes with your hand for that first blast of heat when opening up the oven or dishwasher. Avoid hot tubs, saunas and steam baths if you can. Don’t wear mascara with lash extensions (you won’t need it anyways), but you can wear eyeshadow and eyeliner! Just be sure you use an oil free eye makeup remover or facial cleanser to remove your makeup. The oil in these products will soften the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out. I also advise people to avoid sleeping on their side or stomach when wearing lash extensions. The more careful you are with your extensions the longer they will last! This also means NO picking or pulling at them either! You don’t want to break your own lashes off! Be gentle!
I do not recommend lash extensions for people who are eye rubbers (due to allergies, hay fever etc.), have very sensitive eyes, have VERY curly eyelashes (as it will be very difficult to keep the eyelashes separated when using the adhesive), or people who use medicated eyedrops (drops can coat the eyelashes and cause clumping).




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  1. So I bought Babe regular adhesive and my clients are complaining that their lashes are just falling off the natural lash without effort at 2 weeks. I am upset because its expensive and I am wondering if it is just a bad batch or something. you have never had any troubles with it? I am not able to find any reviews or ratings on this product good or bad.

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