Unfortunately it seems we are into the fall season and timing is everything! Now is the perfect time to start growing out your hair for your first waxing or body sugaring appointment! Everyone is different, but it usually takes about 3 weeks of growth before a waxing or sugaring appointment can be done providing the best results. Our hair has 4 different growth patterns and the key to permanent hair removal is to get as much of your hair on the same growth pattern so that it all grows in at the same time. This usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get the hair approxamitly 1/4 inch in length and ready to be removed.
After your first appointment, it is quite common to not be silky smooth because of the different growths patterns. After the second time you should be starting to feel silky smooth for at least a couple weeks. The awesome thing about waxing or sugaring is when your hair begins to grow in, it is always very soft and fine. You may even notice some areas that don’t grow back at all (especially with sugaring), even after the first time! You will want to make sure that you book an appointment every 4 weeks for the best results! By the summer, you will be thankful that you don’t have to pick up the razor every day! So, start growing out that hair!
A gentle reminder, November is 15% off all services! Not only great timing to start your hair removal process but cheap too! 🙂

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