What is Body Sugaring?

Have you heard of body sugaring? If not, I am not that surprised! It is amazing how many people don’t know about this form of hair removal especially because it is the oldest form of hair removal dating back to Egyptian times. Pharaohs demanded that their harems bodies were kept completely hairless so the women would boil sugar, water and lemon juice into a thick and stick paste. When it is applied against the hair growth and simply flicked away with the hair growth, the hair is removed efficiently and without to much irritation to the body! The results are astounding! I personally have found my hair grow back rate is about three times less then with waxing! You have to be pretty consistent at first,in having sugaring done every 4 weeks in order to achieve the best results but it is totally worth it! I have found that over time you can lengthen the time in between sugaring sometimes up to 8 weeks between having to be sugared!
Why is it so effective?
Body sugaring is more effective then waxing because of the application and the product it’s self! Unlike waxing, I do not use a strip but a gloved hand with a “ball” of sugar. When I apply the sugar (which has the consistency of honey), against the hair growth, the product seeps down in and around the hair follicle papilla (where the hair grows out of), and removes the hair from the root. This damages the papilla and prevents the hair from growing back properly. Some areas will not grow back at all, even after the first time you sugar! Another benefit can be less ingrown hairs! Because the hair is removed the same way it grows there is less chance of hair breakage, thus causing less ingrown hairs to occur! I find it way less invasive and because of it’s slow application, I have been told it is almost more like a spa treatment then classic hair removal!
I also have noticed the results on dark course hair (example, bikini or Brazilian) is AWESOME!

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