A Bit About Myself

The truth is, I am kind of technologically illiterate. I leave most of this kind of thing to my husband who works in this field of computer confusion. I find it so much faster to let him figure out all this stuff as I would much rather go and play with beautiful things. I have been an esthetician for about 5 years and a make up artist for about 6 years. I was given the opportunity to work at an amazing spa in Okotoks, Merle Norman Cosmetics, where I was given incredible opportunity to grow as a person and as an esthetician. Turns out, I was given the manager position, which I held for about 3 years. I have decided that at this time, the best thing for me is to have a time of transition, thus opening my own spa in my home where I can be closer to my daughter, Mina, who is 2 years old. I will be beginning a slow start in the field of esthetics, providing waxing, body sugaring, tinting, and eyelash extensions to start. I am hoping in the new year, to transform my basement into a full spa, offering full esthetic services.
Right now, we are in Reno mode trying to get everything ready before November 1, when I will be officially opening. My style is Modern Vintage Glam with soft hughes and contrasting dark accents. I find beauty in so many things, and I want this to be a true reflection of my self! I will be posting pics of the spa room and some of the work I do as well, (leaving out Brazilian waxing of course) lol!

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